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Merging with or Taking Over an Existing Company in Ireland

Mergers and acquisitions in Ireland often make sound economic sense when a company wishes to accelerate its growth potential or gain a market share.

Further reasons for taking over a company may include entering a new line of business, moving into a new geographical location or acquiring new technical capabilities.

Whatever your motive for expansion, the team at Friel Stafford have twenty years of managing mergers and acquisitions, and can support you throughout the process of forming a corporate partnership or taking over a company in Ireland.

Before Forming a Corporate Partnership

Forming a corporate partnership or taking over an existing company should be part of a strategically structured business plan; and the first step to be taken before starting the transaction process is to review your existing business plan to ensure that a move in this direction is the best option.

Thereafter, there is a five-stage process through to the successful execution of mergers and acquisitions:

  • Develop a Merger/Acquisition Strategy based on your company´s strengths, skills and resources
  • Identify Targets for forming a corporate partnership or taking over an existing company
  • Evaluate Targets by getting an independent assessment of your target´s value
  • Negotiate with structured deals already prepared to optimise your position
  • Complete the Transaction ensuring that you are already aware of the procedures

All five steps have to be completed thoroughly as – like with any promising relationship – there can be obstacles which prevent the relationship from developing smoothly. The experienced team at Friel Stafford will foresee any potential hiccups through our due diligence process to ensure a successful conclusion.

Taking Over a Company via an MBO or MBI

Another reason for a company being taken over is when the existing management of a business acquires the shares (or the majority of the shares) from the existing shareholders. This is termed a management buy-out or MBO.

If an external management team takes over the ownership of a company, this is termed a management buy-in or MBI, and either method of taking over an existing company represents a significant challenge for the incoming management.

It is therefore important that you seek professional and competent advice to guide you through the mergers and acquisitions process, and to have the highest possible likelihood that your attempt to take charge of (or merge with) an existing business is successful.

Speak with Friel Stafford about Mergers and Acquisitions

Friel Stafford has a long track record of successfully managing mergers and acquisitions in Ireland. Our team can advise you on each of the five-stage processes for forming a corporate partnership or taking over an existing company, or manage the whole mergers and acquisition process on your behalf.

It costs you nothing to chat with one of our team and find out more about forming a corporate partnership or taking over an existing company, and you are invited to call the Friel Stafford advice line on 01 661 4066 or complete the contact form on this page to receive a call from us at a convenient time.

Mergers and acquisitions can be extremely complex business transactions. Allow the team at Friel Stafford to efficiently and discretely guide you through the processes of forming a corporate partnership or taking over an existing company.

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