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Government Business Grants

One of the most keenly-pursued sources of corporate funding is Government business grants in Ireland. All manner of grants exist for start-up businesses and existing businesses depending on the location of the company and the purpose of the grant.

However, although the Government (and the EU) appear keen to provide grants for new businesses and existing businesses in order to generate exports, jobs and tax revenue; it is not always easy to avail of business expansion grants due to the tough competition for funding and the criteria required to be eligible for business grants in Ireland.

Friel Stafford has twenty years of experience in providing advice about government business grants in Ireland and we can identify suitable business expansion grants that your company would be eligible for, confirm that you meet the necessary criteria to be eligible for that grant and handle your grant application – providing further advice once funding has been received to ensure compliance with the terms of the grant.

Grants for new businesses

Grants for new businesses take many different forms – from those available to research the viability of a project to those which provide high potential start-up funding when businesses have the potential to develop an innovative product or service which could be marketed overseas, which would create 10 or more jobs within 3 to 4 years of starting up and generated more than €1 million in sales.

Those looking to successfully obtain grants for new businesses should be aware that many of the financial opportunities for start-up companies are delivered in the form of loans or equity share, and that often restrictive conditions apply to how the funds are used once they have been received.

Grants for existing businesses

Grants for existing businesses are most frequently based on the size of a company. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are categorised as those with fewer than 250 employees and are more likely to qualify for business expansion loans if they can demonstrate that funding for a project will result in sales growth and additional employment.

Larger companies will often be able to apply for more significant grants for existing businesses, provided that applications for business expansion grants are accompanied by meticulously prepared company reviews, business plans and cash projections. Again, financial support may be provided in the form of a loan or equity share arrangement, which is why it is in your best interests to seek professional financial advice before committing resources to a process which may be wholly inappropriate for your requirements.

Speak with Friel Stafford about Business Grants in Ireland

Friel Stafford has a successful track record of assisting companies with acquiring funding, and our resourceful team can identify which is the most suitable funding option for your company. If business expansion grants are the best option for your specific circumstances, we will guide you through the processes of successfully applying for government business grants in Ireland.

We recommend that your next step is to call the Friel Stafford advice line on 01 661 4066 and speak with one of our team about your options. Alternatively, you are welcome to complete the contact form on this page, and we will discuss your interest in business grants in Ireland at a time when it is more convenient with you.

Applying for government business grants in Ireland can often be a long-winded and frustrating process. Let Friel Stafford handle the process on your behalf in order that you can dedicate your resources to growing your business.

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