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Business Planning is more than Compiling a Good Business Plan

Business planning encompasses many different disciplines in addition to creating a business strategy.

Although a “business plan” is the by-product of the business planning process, the goals determined in the business plan, and the means of achieving those goals, should be constantly monitored, reviewed and re-assessed as necessary.

Without ongoing business planning – and the creation of contingency plans should the pathway to achieving company goals become unstable – it is more likely that a company will lose its way, and require more radical solutions than may otherwise be necessary.

Friel Stafford have been providing business planning help to companies in Ireland for over twenty years, and our ongoing business plan advice has guided many companies safely through the recent economic climate. If you need help with the planning of your business, or should you be in need of a business restructuring plan, there is no more experienced company you can turn to for business planning advice.

The Business Planning Process

The first stage of the business planning process is the construction of a business plan. A business plan should be developed with two audiences in mind:

  • An external audience – for lenders, grant funders and shareholders (if any)
  • An internal audience – to target intermediate goals to achieve the external goals

Irrespective of your experience in compiling plans for business, the demands of lenders and grant funders mean that you should always seek independent help to review your plans and provide advice where necessary.

It may also be the case that you need a strong presentation of your business plan in order to obtain the funding you require for your business to succeed and, if business plan help has been provided by a competent third party, that third party will be capable of presenting your plan competently and successfully.

Ongoing Business Planning Help

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, ongoing business planning help is essential if your company has to change course due to factors beyond its control, or if the company is operating more successfully than initially projected.

Indeed it may be the case that your company needs additional funding to expand into new areas, or you may be considering the acquisition of another company in order to take advantage of a technical capability it may have or for some other benefit.

In scenarios such as these – or in cases where your business has not been so successful, and a business restructuring plan is required – it is always in your best interests to seek professional business plan advice from experts in the field.

Additional Corporate Finance

In addition to sourcing the most appropriate funding for your business, Friel Stafford can provide corporate finance advice on the procedures for disposals and trade sales, mergers and acquisitions, and management buy-outs/ins (MBOs/MBIs).

Our experience extends to the “other side of the fence”, where we have operated on behalf of banks and other financial services companies, and therefore we are well-versed in the techniques required to achieve a successful conclusion to most corporate finance issues.

By applying our established methodology to your corporate requirements, we can reduce the costs of corporate solutions by pre-empting and preventing obstacles and delays typical of a major company transaction.

Get expert advice from Friel Stafford

Due to our extensive experience of helping companies with the compilation of a business plan in Ireland, we believe we are in a strong position to offer the best business plan advice about the development and ongoing support of a corporate strategy.

We invite you to call the Friel Stafford advice line on 01 661 4066 for a confidential discussion with one of our expert team – without charge or obligation – to assess what business plan help you may need, or how we can help you in the ongoing review of your company performance.

Whatever your company´s circumstances, call Friel Stafford today to speak with a team with an excellent track record in Ireland.

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